Friday, May 31, 2013

(Real) The guy named Avinash at Dadar

There are incidents in life which cannot be erased from the memory even if you soak the brain in h2so4.

I am always inclined towards open options theory. I always try to keep not one , but two to three good back ups in every possible task. This line of thought made me appear for Ph-test.

Elitmus is a really good firm providing HR solutions to reputed clients in software space. Before you can use their service , it is necessary to score a good percentile in their PH-test.

It was on 17th April that i had to appear for Ph-Test in Mumbai.
My center was located inside a govt school near Kings Circle.

So i caught a train on 16th night from ahmedabad which according to my calculation would drop me at borivalli at 5.30am.
The calculation seemed almost perfect and I headed to my Masi's home in borivalli near Bhakti complex.

Freshned up , had a coffee and checked all documents and stationery items (I googled the word stationery because i get very confused in the two spellings) for the exam because it was a paper-pencil test.I left for Borivalli station again to catch a local to get to kings circle , as my masa told it would take around an hour to reach there.

I have the habit of confirming the same thing again and again , not because i doubt a particular answer , but same repeatitive answer gets fit into your memory well. So i asked a lot of people regarding where to change the train and whether to pick fast or slow and routes etc.

In this whole process of coming down to mumbai from ahmedabad , i did not have water anywhere in between , not even at home.

After i gripped a local from borivalli at 8.00am , it was all smooth. Being a sunday , there were very few passengers on train and the soft breeze left me cool and calm. I went so calm and out of my mind that I decided to get off the train and buy a bisleri from the saamnewala store and get back to the train because there was no rush.I was so out of mind that i left my backpack on the train itself.
I got off the train and headed to buy some water.He demanded 20 rupees to which i had only 100 rs note.

Bisleri guy       : Bhaiya chutte do
Me                   : Boss nai hai , thoda jaldi karona
Bisleri guy       : bas 2 minute
Me                   : Boss 50 kaat lo lekin jaldi karo.

And the train left !

The pick up speed of locals is like anything. I started running towards the door , but it went so fast that i could not get on.
The train went off and I was BLANK. My backpack had flew to vegas !

I was not able to think for few seconds as to what should i do , but then i boomfoot and caught a nearby person aged 35. Told him the whole scenario and he told me to catch next train. On the contrary , i was thinking to inform the station police to get that backpack from the next stop.I already wasted around 3-4 minutes in the process and I kept calm and decided to board the next train.

The difference between the two trains was around 10 minutes but the only way i could catch my train was at Dadar. 

After reaching Dadar , I saw the train besides mine but my luck was utterly butterly gutter that time. There was a huge spiky partition between the two platforms. For a moment I thought of jumping it but then it would risk my lund for life. I ran through the overbridge only to find that the train left. Remember , the pick up speed of the train !

It was such a moment that if i had that dragon mouth , i would have fired flames all over dadar out of frustration.

A lot of thoughts were going on in my mind at that time and it was already 9.00am.

I sat there on the railway Baakda and had pulpy orange. Then I headed to find the police arena at dadar. I had to cross the platforms to reach the police control room and so i again started walking , but slowly because I had lost hope. I reached the room and met a 40-42 aged policewala. I naratted the whole experience and in the mean time , my cell rang !

It was an unknown number and my inner concious was expecting it.
A guy in a huff voice started slow screaming as "Miteshji".

Did you know what i replied : Haa bhaiya aap kaha ho , me bas 2 min me aaya bag lene !

Luckily he was on platform where the original train was. I ran again through the overbridge to get there. He(Avinash) shouted on me like anything and handed me all the stuff. I was so much relieved that I holded his hand for like 20-30 seconds straight.

Avinash was the same guy who was sitting opposite to me in local , and I had once asked him the route to kings circle. See , the habit of confirming played its part. He immediately left because he lost a lot of time waiting for me.

Left for kings circle in a taxi from there , to hell with trains !




P.S - that backpack contained my results from 1 to 12th standard , my graduation marksheets , my robotics winner certificates ,
my other winning certificates , my sports certificates and my laptop.
I know , i know , I completely know what you are thinking ! Amen !

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