Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(Real) A stint at erotic writing - Part 1

It was the time when i was having my 12th standard vacations. Out of continous study sessions for getting good grades , i had grown hefty. The vacations were totally free as in one does not have to do anything untill the results arrive. I used to jog , swim and gym like crazy followed by roaming aimlessly at nights.

But even good things get boring after a while. I was tired of the routine and so decided to take a break and go to mumbai at my cousin's place. My cousin stays in Colaba. The area is quite youngster-centered-oomph-factored if you get what i mean.

My cousin is 3 years elder to me and so he was in 3rd year of his engineering. Being a typical mumbaikar + typical classy tapori and all harley davidson attitude , he had quite a lot of girls
around him. I used to mingle with them upto my best but the age difference of 3 years + i was still a teenager , did not allow
me to get into their dark conversations. Similar was the case with priya. She was girl who use to spend time with us and a fresh Junior college passout , equivalent to a 12th standard passout in gujarat.

Having done with the junior college , she looked quite desperate on the basis of her talks and a bit of dressing.

All crazy for bikes , all ummmhhhh for john abraham and all craving attitude for road trips and yes "Muje life 
me sab kuch ek baar try toh karna hi hai. SAB KUCH". 
The tone with which she used to say "SAB KUCH" , builds a san diego live gangbanging in 3D in your mind !

She was left high and dry due to such wannabe attitude by most of the people , even her didi (Didi was her father's
friend's daughter). She had come to mumbai from Pune for some coursework but i had vibes of some other kind from her.

We all (Me,my cousin , didi , priya , my cousin's friend and his girlfriend) used to hangout with 1 or 2 always  missing the hangouts. All of them were smokers and so i used to get bored sometimes because i had nothing to do. Slowly the smoking session seemed beneficial to me , because in that time I and priya used to chat about all  wierdo things possible.

It was around 10 days and we were quite close.All those 24 hour togetherness through SMS , phone , regular meets and all.Everyone around us knew the two bachas were mingling and they even used to tease us. I used to like those meeting sessions near BT because it was quite a greenish area with all college groups sitting and smoking but you can't see any of the faces as trees used to make it quite dark. Upar se , priya used to be a slutish while talking to me in that time.

Once me and my cousin were drinking late night when he suddenly asked me about priya. I explained the thingy but tried to move the point away.He kind of got all brother-love and told me that
the lady was really interested in getting laid and he can set up a scene for us. I kind of opposed but internally i also had that popeye feeling pumping down there.

As advised by him , I started flirting on phone and meet-ups as much as i could. I remember , she once even gave me a push on my tool on me cracking a joke. We both let it go as if nothing happened
but we both ultimately knew the intentions.

A bit of phone sex started to happen triggered by her but fired by me.Phone sex followed touch-ups at BT , the place where we all met to which none of the other people had problems.
Their support was acting quite positively for me. Once i even took her for a small ride on which there was MINUS 5 cm space between my back and her front.Such close gives a hard on man , a real one !

Next 3-4 days and we used to like bunch up hands secretly near BT and light kisses when all attentions were somewhere else.

Finally the D-day arrived.It was all planned up.\

Me and my cousin had to go to didi's house as she had her parents going to lonawala for the weekend. My cousin's friend and his girlfriend also were invited. My cousin explained me the whole thing that all would be drinking and getting high.
The couple would leave after an hour of partying after which there would be only 4 of us left. My cousin and didi would leave for a walk and would come back after an hour in which i had to ride the dragon ;)

I came to know that didi had explained her properly too and she was also quite aware of the plan. On previous night(friday night) she was excited as hell as she kept on asking me what do you want me to wear in the party and my favourite colour and I want you shaved and stuff.

And it was saturday night.

We reached at her flat around 9.30pm with a bottle of scotch. The couple arrived around 10.15pm and we all six were on the round wooden table by 10.30pm.Priya had a tight orange coloured jeans which made her lower look hot as hell. The upper was a tight black inner with loose strings and a transparent top on it.The inner was easily visible to due the lacyness of the upper tranparent top. I had told her not to have make-up because its a really turn down 
for me!

She was quite catchy and bubbly that night which made me roar internally like Modi on the day of becoming PM
(Okay that was bad but you can understand ne). I was casually dressed with dark biege cotton pants and a nice eagle tshirt which is easily removable ;).

Drinks started to pour in.Everyone had a shot of whisky initially after which dilution and smoke accompanied.
I had only a shot and 60 ml peg because excessive drinking would spoil me fun later on. Priya just had a shot but she was already tipsy.Had some tikkas and Kebabs and played bridge amongst us.

It was 11.30 and the couple left.Now we were only four.I and priya were already on the couch watching TV. She laid straight with her head in my lap and small airky quirky kisses already had begun.

12 it was and my cousin and didi decided to give us some space.
They went off and locked the flat from outside but i made it double sure by locking it inside.

Just as I was locking the door from inside , desperation knew no bounds. Priya came in from back and started kissing me near the door itself.

It started with she kissing on my neck to which i responded back on her neck.Her hand started moving all over my hair and pressing my head on her neck with good force. I slowly moved from neck to the jawline area nearer to the ear with my upper lip above the jawline and lower lip below the jawline , sucking the thing like anything. Again to neck and then i revolved in that area.
It was her turn now and she came to cheeks and chin.I was perfectly shaved and so was feeing her toungue all over 
my cheeks that already had given me a hard-on.

We both knew that now is the time and the moment went perfect.
I slightly bend my face right and planted a smooth kiss on her lips.
2 seconds and my upper , her upper , my lower and her lower lips were completely in sync.

Went on mad till i guess 2.5-3 minutes and then i got her tongue in my mouth. That was orgasmic dude that was orgasmic. My tiger was roaring like the king of Gir trapped in a circus to get out.

I stopped for a moment and pointed towards the bedroom.
She smiled but again started smooching madly.Eventually i picked her in my arms and went to bedroom while the smooch was in continuous motion.

Laid her on bed and the room was already chilled due to pre-cooling.Got onto her and started kissing her on her neck
but on the lower side. My right hand already pulled her tranparent thing out and she was only in that black inner with oozing cleavge.
I started kissing on the bulge coming out of the slip.she was quite excited and pulled off my tshirt.

I moved to the side and she immediately came up on me.Started with a french kiss and she moved to my side-neck area.
She had placed herself perfectly in between the bulge in my pants.
While she was kissing i dimmed the lights and slowly pulled her slip up.she responded to it by moving up and comfotable removing it.I immediately unclipped the cups too orelse it would have taken other 15 minutes.

Her tits were really good and soft with pink nipples and perfect shape.The session which we had near the door had made her a bit sweaty and the AC made the sweaty skin , cold. The titskin was cool , bit sweaty and suckable as hell.I could not control myself and so pulled her down with force and started in crackline betweens the boobs. Slowly went on towards the right nipple and started the process.

Sucked it like a baby for 20 seconds, all soft and spongy after which i sucked a whole lot of part into my mouth.
Woobled my toungue in a circular manner around the nipple while sometimes biting the nipple slowly.

She was already on cloud 9.At times , she used to loose control and pinch my hairs really hard.I then sucked nipples bluntly so that she understands that this was her punishment. After vigourously batting with balls , i again moved to lips while we lay side ways !

I was on the left and she was on the right on the bed with respect to your imagination.

So my right hand was in the direction of action and it moved towards her orange cloth. She was wearing a beautiful belt and it was quite good because the leather was so easy to un-buckle it.
Pulled her belt out and threw it somewhere.Unbuttoned , unzipped her and tunnelled my hand inside.

Started heavy massage over her underpants but it was a bit sticky because she was wet like niagra falls !Slipped my hand inside her panties now.During this whole process , upper body was still busy in smooches and kisses.She was shaved , completely shaved.I guess she wanted it perfect so she was shaved quite good.

Before fingering , i massaged the heavenly area again the way i did it from the top of her undies.

In the process , she bit me on my lips which hurt me due to which i pulled out my hand from down and buckled her hairs
and gave her a tight love bite on back of her earlobe.The atmosphere was heated up like mentos in coca cola ! Bursting !

Again started my ride in heaven , and started a vertical movement of first finger. My first finger moved slow and vertical in the area which is just above the lovehole.I used to slide the finger from
top till the lovehole but didn't enter it.

This teased her like anything.Slowly started the combination of
massage and vertical sliding with both soft and violent combinations. The math can be :
2 sec - soft sliding
3 sec - violent massage
3 sec - rigorous 4 finger movements
2 sec - soft massage
3 sec - violent sliding

She started flowing like floods in utrakhand due to which my right hand was very slippery.

I slowly inserted the middle finger.On the first point , she gathered her legs pointing to the pain and her face  showed the same due to the formation of lines on her forehead with eyebrows towards each other.

I stopped there and made some vibratory movements at that very place for her comfort. Again pushed it a bit inside but she told me to go slow as it was causing her a bit more pain.
The tightness signalled her first time experience for sure.I stopped at that point and did not go further but started
a IN-OUT motion of my finger uptill the point which i had conquered.

Now it was a medium paced sliding motion from the top clitorial part to the point of conquer.
This foreplay took a lot of time but was worth the satisfaction.

She was so much excited and turned on that she caught my hand , pulled in on side and came a bit down from her 
current position. Unbuttoned my pants and unzipped with utmost power she had.My trouser being quite free , she pulled the whole thing down. I helped her to take them completely off.
She did not have the courage to take off my she mounted it in that position. I had already loosened her orange piece to a free position on her hips.

I slided the cloth to her knees through my legs .Got up for a moment just to rip is off through her legs.

She was in a beautiful cotton pink underpants.The shape covered most of her love and hip area but in a arousing manner.
She lay straight with her eyes closed and i came onto her.
She spread her legs to adjust the burj khalifa in between.
I took both of her hands and handled them with all my fingers into the spaces between her fingers one by one.
Those mallu porn kind of hand to hand touches.
Started kissing again all over from lips to neck to cheeks and surrounding area while moving the lower part up and front.

She changed the side and came over me. I slowly massaged her back and went inside through back.Lowered the undies in a circumferential manner. She knew my intentions and so helped me slide it.I pulled them out through my legs somewhere in the room.
She inserted her hand inside me and caught the burning metal rod.After gripping it , she looked at me with a scared look as if she knew what it would take her to get that in.
Moved her hand back and forth for a while and slided onto my balls. That was a tinglish feeling and it was the hardest i went in life.She slided my undies to knees after which i 
pulled them off.

I turned the position and I was onto her with the rod laying on the upper area in between the clitoris.
I ploughed the field for sometime with slow tractor speed after which i moved down.
Bite her thighs for two times on right and moved to pink area.
Parted the clitoral part with my fingers to see pink shining strawberry field.
Started moving my tongue in the same manner in which i slided my finger before.
I used to push my tongue as hard as i could into the hole which made her moaning start.
after sliding for a while , i sucked the whole part which made her go crazy. Started a combination of fingering and licking the clitoris as fast as i could which made wild.
She pulled me up and out of excitement , herself went down.

Took my tip in hand and started her tongue movement over the tip.
I was on the seventh heaven and i applied some pressure on her head.She understood and went a bit deep.
I did not demand more because i did not wanted to spoil the scenario.The tightness caused me to grab her and lay her on bed.I spread the legs as wide as i could and put a pillow
under her hip for a proper support.

Since it was the first time for both of us , i did not want the latex to spoil the fun and she was okay with it too.
Took my muscle in my hand and positioned it near to labia.
Moved the tool over the whole area with my hand and it made her angry as bachchan. Lastly positioned the tip towards the lovehole and gave a push.

It was too much greasy and so the rod slipped to right in this attempt.This also happened for the second time ,  after which i holded her legs and gave a push.
30% went in and there she was oaaauummhhhh to which i put a hand on her mouth.
She was in pain , i knew but then i gave another good push to get totally inside.
I stayed in that positioned for 10 seconds and she was the towards normal but had small tears in her eyes.
I confirmed the comfort and started to apply strokes.

The ghisara was out of the world.We smooched and the lower part was pumping hard to which she also supportedby readily moving in sync with pushes.
I changed the style and made a SINE wave kind of pushes which enhances the pleasure because the danda goes from
tip to bottom in this style.She was moaning like a david guetta fan in a concert.
She gestured me to push as hard as i could to maximize the pleasure.

Just as i started to push upto my limits , i got a slap from my dad "Ab nai utha toh paani ki puri baalti daalonga".

And i smiled to my fullest !

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