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(Real) Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) MBA INTERVIEW Experience

NMIMS is a good management institute located in Ville Parle , Mumbai. The process for the Admission to their flagship course includes registering for their exam NMAT during september of the previous year , appearing for the exam , raw scores announcements , scaled scores in january and appearing for the CD-PI (Case-Discussion - Personal-Interview) rounds in Mumbai itself.

CD - PI Details :
NMAT score  : 209
Venue             : NMIMS , Mumbai
Time               : 9.00 am
Date               : 14th February 2014 (Yes i had my valentime with them)

Previous night , I had a practice telephonic interview with my guide. He asked me some relevant questions to my profile and father's business which I should be fluent with. So post-tele-interview I started reading about the questions online and it was nearly 2.00am searching various linked links.Woke up a bit late and reached ville-parle in the morning.I was not getting a single auto from parla to NM and so walked all the way. Reached the venue 45 minutes late.Registered myself with the group leader (I was the last one) ! Just as i registered , she (leader) told our whole group to follow her to the CD (Case discussion) room. We were around 12 people in the group and unlike IMT , this time I was positioned at number 7.
So in the CD room , I was exactly in the middle and both the sides were open for a 180 view to get more impact while presenting the points.

The panel members arrived around 10.15am and explained the process
Case reading       : 5 minutes
Case discussion  : 15 minutes
Case conclusion  : 5 minutes

Case statement : Gujarat (132) , Delhi (39) , Maharashtra (452) , Andhra pradesh (568) , Rajasthan (46) and all states were given. The number in the bracket indicates the number of engineering colleges in that state. The detailed description was given and there were two options :
(1) Shut down the low quality education colleges in the state
(2) Create more employment opportunities so that every student of all colleges gets placed
You are the education minister of your state. Take actions.

I noted some good points where i can make a good entry. No. 3 participant started with a very vague point , I don't even remember what he said but it was not worth to hear. And the usual process went on. Someone cut him and started opposing , a third one cut him and started opposing !
After a minute or so , I was able to get attention while raising my voice. Started with the point that : If you look sincerely at the case statement , it is mentioned that you are the education minister of YOUR state. Being a minister on gujarat state , I would first set up a committee to find out the core reasons of quality degradation. Continued the point uptill 20-25 seconds to which everyone was listening good. And the point got noted too (I had observed). After my completion , again No. 3 came up with some irrelevant point as in India should adopt a China education model , which he didn't knew what was as he couldn't asnwer a counter question on it. A clear loosing candidate.Few good points came up afterwards and i entered 5-6 times with a new perspective regarding managing seats as per the geographical locations i.e. boost IT-CE seats in karnataka , increase textile and chemical seats in gujarat , petroleum seats near orrisa etc. The last 5 minutes , everyone concluded good except no 3 because he was creating a chaos.I gave examples on the line of Vibrant gujarat , MOUs signed and creation of employment as a result.

I knew it went good as 3 of the students in the lift told me that you were good and introduced themselves(One NITian , other 2 bombay localites). Waited for 45 minutes for my PI turn.

Panel member info :
P1 : Very old 68-72 male professor with extremely simple attitude.
P2 : 55-58 aged male professor/industry , kind of strict and stress interview attitude
P3 : 38-40 aged lady , most probably professor , at times strict but very noticing
M : Me

M : Afternoon Sir , afternoon ma'am. Kept the file on the table.
P2 : Afternoon mitesh , so what is the meaning of your name ?
M : Sir a name necessarily doesn't possess a meaning everytime. Its a general noun just like hitesh , jitesh , mitesh , which do not have any meaning unless you break it.
P2 : Smiled
P3 : Okay so mitesh , tell me 2 incidents of your life which has been able to make you what you are right now.
M : Described two incidents looking at all their faces as it was a general question
P3 : Seemed satisfied. So mitesh , do you read ?
M : Ma'am if you are talking about novels , i've read only a few of them which my scientist at PRL suggested me , but I do go through a lot of online material.
P3 : What about Music ?
M : Yes ma'am i am interested into music specially EDM .
P3 : You mean electronic dance music right ?
M : Exactly
P3 : So who do you follow and what is the current industry scenario right now
M : Described about deadmau5 , charts , grossings , their incomes and their career development. Described the EDM scenario in LA , USA and the happenings in India.
P3 : So you seem much interested , i am sure you would have visited sunburn this time.
M : It was scheduled 26-27-28 this time and I had my XAT , the next week so I couldn't make it this time.
(I was kinda bored as to why was she asking all these stuff)
P3 : So if we select you for NM , would you go to the event next december.
M : It depends on the situation at that time.While I was coming to NM today morning from Borivalli , today's TOI said that LEO's should always be given a try , they never disappoint you on any front !

All of them laughed loudly

P3 : towards P2 , I am done.

And then the disaster happened.

P2 : Mitesh , what was your major ?
M : E & C Sir
P2 : So what is a P-N Junction diode (1st year engineering).
M : Sir i only remember its name and nothing else , i would not bluff here. I dont know.
P2 : But you also worked in electronics.
M : Yes sir , i've worked in semiconductors but mostly its digital
P2 : So lets get into digital then
P2 : I'll give you a process , you just name them :
He described me a long connection as in the first stage , second stage and the third stage. Name them.
I could not get what was he trying to say , so i asked him to get somewhat more into details. Still I was not able to get him but i knew the third stage was Monitor.
M : Sir the first one is Design but i do not know the NAME specific to it. The third is Monitor.
P2 : Gave me the names , but this was no where digital.

The whole process was closely observed by P3 and i guess i have lost marks here !

P1 : Tell us everything about your work-ex.
M : told everything
P1 : Why MBA now after 3 years of experience. You could easily earn what a manager earns post MBA in these two years and no fee losses too !
M : Sir there are a lot of aspects why i want to do an MBA. The top reasons include fast scaling the corporate ladder , interest in machine learning and technical decision making techniques (which cannot be learned in a paid tution class) , peer learning and network among the top firms of the world. Explained the process as "why now" with : the people who joined the industry during a boom had their career at peak in a very short span of time while those who graduated during the slowdown/crisis period had difficulties in their career (gave examples of a student who passed iim-a during 2008 crisis and his current position and a person who graduated during the dotcom boom). The discussion went on with the points that if Mr Modi becomes the PM  , the economy would improve and that would be a very good period to graduate in 2016. The discussion went on for few minutes on why the economy would improve if modi arrives but that was really long.
P1 : Quickly , tell us 3 things , which you learned from the industry uptill now
M : mentioned 1 and 2 immediately and took a bit long to get the 3rd one.
P2 : Started grilling me on my father's business. I told him about the whole trackline i wanted to follow during the next 10 years but somehow he was purposely going the other side.
To answer him good , I mentioned about the e-commerce prospects in India post 2009.
M : Sir i saw a lot of potential in the e-comm , how huge flipkart and myntra have grown. In the same line of thought , I had made a attempt to get online in footwear. Gave him a link writing it on the paper.
That was my website (Monica is my engineering classmate and she made me this free website in just a matter of 4-5 hours which came a lot in handy during that time).

P3 at once checked it in her tablet.
She showed it to everyone else and I cut them while showing.

M : Sir , these are the best sellers and I just wanted to see if it works , but my efforts were not that fruitful. Got only 3 queries in a matter of 4 months.
P2 : No but atleast you got something and all startups work this way. It is a very good initiative.

P2 : Mitesh , I am really getting hungry for the lunch , so final question , how would you develop your business so that you can grow it into an industry ?
M : Described about getting online and getting into e-commerce rather than manufacturing and production based industry. Targeting only tier 3 and 4 cities first and some farting here and there about the market penetration and stuff. Okay mitesh , we are done. P

P2 made a handshake and smiled.

Results : In march

Lets hope positive.

It was a friday , and i was in bombay. Jatin and his gf came up and we went to pop tate's andheri , saki naka.Got drunk like anything , for good for bad , dont know but a nice overall day :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Real) IMT - Ghaziabad Interview Experience

IMT (Institute of Management Technology) Ghaziabad is one of the good institutes in India for an MBA.
For details , check out the B-School rankings by Business standard and Outlook to get an overview about the college.

Interview Details :

Venue    : XIMR , Marinelines , Mumbai
Time      : 8.30 am

Process : Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview
Date      : 13th Feb 2014

Reached the venue at 8.00 am and had a sandwich at the Xavier's canteen.Worth a try !
Entered the document verification room where I waited for 45 minutes for my turn. A tit-bit Hi and Hellos with all the aspirants there. I was into the Panel 4 and participant 1 .

After verification of documents , the instructor lead us to a classroom on the top floor.The panelists assigned us to the respective seats. I was number 1 and the seating arrangement was in a "U" shape , so i had a bit of disadvantage of having a corner seat.

GD process : 

Problem Statement : New delhi : Proximity to Tokyo or Beijing 
Thinking time         : 5 minutes
Discussion              : 10 minutes
Participants            : 17 members
Summarize GD      : 5 minutes

I was able to make only 2 good entries because there was a lot of chaos in the GD. Everyone was shouting like hell and there was a girl who was at the center position who polluted the whole decorum. Constantly opposing all the views said by anyone and raising voice uptill limits. For my 2 entries I also shouted like anything , literally nanga shouting if you can get it.

IMO , the whole group would loose marks as it was not a fruitful discussion.

We concluded with a few normal suggestions majorly on the side of China and friendship.

Interview Round :

Panel consisted of 
(P1) - 48-50 aged Professor from IMT itself having specs and a friendly attitude
(P2) - 42-45 ahed Professor from IMT with a huge body , more on serious yet jolly attitude.
(M) - Me

They rang the bell and I was participant no 1.

M : Sir please may I come in ?
P1 : Yes Mitesh please come , have a seat.
P1 : ( Constantly smiling ). I too smiled . So mitesh how many members do you have in your family ?
M : Described about the family and the background in Junagadh.
P1 : What does your father do ?
M : Described about the whole footwear business in detail.
P1 : So why don't you join your father's business and develop it . It would always be more profit-making?
M : Sir , I do not interest in my business as of now. I am not neglecting the opportunity but as of now , I want to have some industry experience and 10-15 years down the line think about other options of the circumstances in that time are feasible.

A bit of silence for 4-5 seconds.

P1 : As I can see in your form , you have mentioned ASIC over here. What do you mean by ASIC ?
M : Described about ASICs and VIPs I worked on. 
P1 : Can you explain it in more detail ?
M : Described the whole strcture of the firm , the hierarchy , the work allotted to me and the modules i worked on. The whole model and stuff .

P2 : So Mitesh , on that note what would you prefer to be questioned on ? Elec or Comm ?
M : Sir , I have always been inclined to electronics and my work was also in VLSI so I would prefer it .
P2 : Paused for a moment. Mitesh , just out of curiosity , how many components does basic 8085 consists of ?
M : Sir , I do not remember the exact ,
P2 : No , no , just out of curiosity , just answer what can it be , take a wild guess .
M : In millions.   (fucked up here ,  beacuse the base model consisted of only 6k gates while it grew into milllions after a while in the next gen processors)
P2 : Okay.
M : In between , the gate related discussion , I described Moore's law regarding the number of transistors in future.
P2 : What is Moore's law ? In detail ?
M : Gave a defination , but Sir i am not sure whether this is 100 % correct as i guess i am missing some element in the defination.
P2 : Revolved me in and around the processor and Moore's law thing for 3-4 minutes.
M : I said a straight NO to some of the questions which I didn't knew about , he was OKAY with it.
P2 : You have good prospects in US. Why dont you go to US and earn some quick money ?
M : Described the whole thing I was asked in my Symbiosis Interview. Seemed satisfied.

P2 : (Suddenly) , How much a Tie cost  ?  Is it Expensive these days ?
M : It depends on the brands and the quality you want .
P2 : No but tell me a amount for a buy.
M : The basic Tie starts from 400 /- I guess but I do not have much information in detail.
P2 : Can't you spend 400 odd rupees on wearing a professional Tie instead of a Party Tie which you are currently wearing ?

(It was almost a professional Tie but it had 2 dots in the middle , which he noticed)

I felt a bit awkward at that moment.
M : Smiled. Sir I admit it is my fault and I am sorry for the mistake.
P2 : Smiled (He was grilling me uptill now).
P2 : So why MBA ?
M : Told the basic reasons and explained the reasons ?
P2 : Is your father an MBA ?
M : No , Sir.
P2 : So then it means your father doesn't know how to run a business right ?
M : Sir I never mentioned that , for entrepreneurship , you need an MBA ? I am basically focusing on the industrial aspects which require an MBA for good exposure. seemed satisfied. In between , I mentioned about the opportunities in Junagadh too.

P1 : So why dont you want to go back to Junagadh ? Don;t you like your hometown ?
M : Framed the answer properly and described the standard of living in Junagadh , in Ahmedabad , in Mumbai and in California from an angle to Internet access and speed. Discussed opportunities in Tier 2 more than tier 1 and told about start-ups in ahmedabad (Dexter consulting , Just mexican franchise , Cityshor) etc. Went on for 3-4 minutes
Both of them nodded positively.

P1 : Okay , mitesh one last question ?
P1 : Do you think being participant no 1 puts you in a disadvantage ?
M : Absolutely No Sir .
P1 : The students outside will know about the questions asked to you and they can prepare well marring your chances ?
M : That can go the other way round too , they may get stressed and loose out confidence. But I do not guess that would make much difference to well prepared candidates. 
P1 : Okay mitesh but our main aim here is to check students at par . So please dont discuss questions and answers with them. 
M : as you say Sir , not an issue.

P1 , P2 : Thanks Mitesh .

While returning a lot of candidates were waiting outside , I pretended to be on the phone and told them i'll be back in 5 minutes and let you know the process , which never occured !

Had a talk with one of my  friends after the interview as she gives me a good judjement on how it went .
Had a round near Marinelines and Leopold area , I love downtown mumbai cobblestone area like anything ! 

Overall an average interview because of some mistakes in the 8085 and Moore's things. Tie was a disaster.
NMIMS tomorrow . Valentine day tomorrow . Gearing up for it . Hope all goes well.

Verdict : In march.


Monday, February 10, 2014

(Real) Symbiosis MBA Interview Experience

To secure an admission into Symbiosis University and its related B-Schools , one needs to appear for their entrance exam called SNAP. The process includes registering and paying for SNAP exam, appearing for the exam , results after a month , and getting calls from institutes of which you clear the cut-offs.

My SNAP Score             :  98.7841    percentile
Academic profile Score    :  79.9261    percentile (Based on your 10th , 12th and grad percentages)
Overall Composite Score :  96.9865    percentile


WAT - PI details:

Date       : 8th Feb 2014
Location : SIMS , Kirkee , Pune
Time       : 8.00 am

I had my stay at cousin's place in pune. Got up early in the morning and drove to kirkee from Kondhwa.
I did not have the photocopies of some of the documents and so got them photocopied and rushed for documents verification. The student co-ordinators were mostly girls and they were quite co-operative ;).
All the aspirants were divided in the group of 8 and a First year student was leading the group. He answered all the queries we had over there. The guy was quite friendly and so i tried to extract as much information about the panels , chances , how to impress them , panels' nature , type of questions , from him as possible.

After an introductory session and breakfast , we had the WAT (Written Aptitude Test). An answer sheet consisting of 8 pages was provided and a question paper. The question paper had 2 questions as follows :

(1) "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.
Write an essay on the above topic in 650 words.

Interprete this image and write down all your interpretations explaining each of them .

Answer : The group leader had told be to be creative in this question and so i wrote various shades regarding this image as in 
- A closed economy (No trade inflows / no trade outflows)
- A Corporate Catch - 22 situation (Aage kuwa piche mere Khaai , tu hi bata jau me kaha ?)
- Global warming & Arctic burst
- Pre-planning & Strategies to not get into such situations in business world
- Media awareness & campaigns by Leonardo DiCaprio
- Learning skills to tackle worse situations
- Creative way to test a management aspirant's thought process

I drew the same picture above , in the answer sheet and wrote all 7 points in all 7 directions to make a good pictoral presentation. It really looked good :).
The total time given was 40 minutes for both the above two questions.


After the WAT , we again had a breakfast and I waited for an hour before my turn came in for a PI (Personal Interview / Personal Interaction). My turn arrived and the group leader asked 3 copies of my resume to give it to the panelists. After 15-20 seconds , I entered the interview - room.

Panel consisted of : 
(P1) 42-45 aged person with a moustache like kejriwal from industry , sitting on the left.
(P2) 58-60 aged person looked like professor and had a firm attitude.
(P3) 40-42 aged person with specs and moustache and a marathi look.
(M) Me

Interview :

M : Morning Sir (Looking at all of them)
P2 : Good morning Mitesh , please have a seat
P2 : (After a pause) So Mitesh , quickly tell me something about yourself which is not on this resume.
M : (This was a very basic question and so i had prepared for it) Told everything about born and brought up , folded the whole academics in a single sentence , told about the engineering and extra-curriculars , my final year project at Mt. Abu and stressed more on the work experience.Ended my sentence with culture at my company and the boss.

P2 : So , who is your Boss ? How is he , friendly or effective ?
M : Described about the boss' journey and told about his characterstics.
P2 : You are going to do an MBA and you would be the boss after a few years , so what would you prefer ?
M : I would act according to the nature of the employees under me . If they are of the nature that they would not work untill they have deadlines nearing them , I would give them pseudo-deadlines and be more on the stricter side but if the employees are self-responsible , a friendly nature would suffice.
P2 : Nodded positively , seemed satisfied. Looked towards P1 and gave some ishaara.

P1 : So , Mitesh you have had leadership positions at many places , so what do YOU think are the qualities in YOU which makes you lead the people.
M : Sir , i need around 30 seconds to frame my answer . Took my time and framed the answer .
Told about the roles during school , roles during engineering , roles during cultural fests and robotics and professional life.Covered how did i do it , problems i faced and things i thought you should act in particular situations for betterment of the whole group. This went on for 4-5 minutes. and at last i told him in a rhetoric way that I hope Sir you are able to get the overall picture to which he nodded positively.

P2 : Okay so mitesh , suppose if there is an unethical project but it is moral. That project would benefit your firm a lot. Would you participate in that project ?
M : After thinking for a while , No sir i would never compromise with ethics , BUT i would not stop them for executing the project. I would somehow step out of the project citing certain specific reasons to which the manager cannot oppose (he smiled to this response). Sir can i explain this with a real-time example.
P2 : Ohh please please go ahead
M : Described the incidents about the problem of "shadow resources" during a foreign clients project which is unethical but moral (Working professionals would understand this practically).
P2 : seemed satisfied

P2 : Looked towards P3
P3 : So Mitesh , Why do you want to do an MBA ?
M : Explained the reasons (I had prepared this pretty good)
P2 : What after MBA , companies you are targeting and general stereotype questions.
M : Had them quite good

P1 Interrupted

P1 : You have mentioned that you have entrepreneurial plans in future ? Can you explain ?
M : Sir if you notice it in detail , there is an 'IF' at the starting point. So if the conditions are met and if life goes according to my plans , then i WOULD think of it as I have worked in start-ups and i can see a lot of benefits on all the front.
P1 : What kind of benefits ?
M : I  knew he wanted to hear something related to society. So i started with that it provides more job opportunities for fellow citizens , helps in building the economy , reverses brain-drain and stopping students from leaving india just due to lucrative packages as startups in india are cash flows if they go good. And ater all you have enough money at the end of cycle. Described about as i had experience as a content writer in it.
P1 : seemed satisfies and smiled.

A silence prevailed for 4-5 seconds and all of them looked to one another.
 P2 : Thanks Mitesh and all the best for your future.
M : Thank You SIR. Smiled. :)

Came out of the room with a positive feeling.
While I was leaving the center , I passed P2 while he was having a smoke. Stopped there are he asked me about my personal details. Told about Junagadh , my father , my business. I politely questioned him about the quality of interview. He smiled and said "Hope positive beta".

Results : In March .


Thursday, January 16, 2014

(Share) Kashmir and India - The intelligent way

A Kashmiri Separatist, a MSM News Reporter and a tough Para-Commando were captured by terrorists
in Kashmir.

The Chief of the terrorists told them he'd grant each of them
one last request before they were beheaded in front of a Camera.

The Kashmiri Separatistsaid,'Well, before I die I want to drink a last cup of Kahwah (Kashmiri Green-Tea).'

The Chief nodded to an underling who left and returned with the Kahwa.
The Kashmiri Separatist drank it all and said, 'Now I can die content.'

Now the Chief turned towards the News-reporter and repeated the same question - "What is your last wish before ou die?"

The News-reporter said - "I'm a reporter to the end. I want to take out my Camcorder and describe the scene here and what's about to happen.
Maybe, someday, someone will watch it and know the Truth.

The Chief directed an aide to hand over the Camcorder and the reporter dictated her comments.

She then said, "Now I can die happy.."

The Chief turned to the Commando and asked - "And now, Army Dog, what is your final wish?"

'Punch me hard,' said the Para-Commando.

"What?" - asked the Chief, surprised a bit- " You dare to mock us? "

"No, I'm NOT kidding. I want you to punch me as hard as you can' insisted the Para-Commando.

"With pleasure" - replied the Terrorists' Chief, grinning from face to face.

The Terrorists' Chief then punches the Commando so hard that he falls back a couple of feet on his back.

But as the Commando touches the ground, he rolls over, pulls a 9 mm Silenced pistol hidden in his boots and shoots the Chief dead.

In the resulting confusion, he emptied his Pistol on six terrorists, then with his knife he slashed the throat of one, and with an AK-47, which he took from one of the already dead terrorists, sprayed the rest of the terrorists killing the remainder.

In a flash, all of the Terrorists including their Chief, were dead.

As the soldier was untying the Kashmiri Separatist and the reporter, they asked him - 'Why didn't you just shoot them all in the first place? Why did you ask him to punch him?

'Because' replied the soldier, 'if I had fired the First Shot, you two assholes would have reported that I was the aggressor and the root cause of all the blood
shedding in Kashmir !!'

.... Such is the irony of Indian Democracy !!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(Real) A stint at erotic writing - Part 1

It was the time when i was having my 12th standard vacations. Out of continous study sessions for getting good grades , i had grown hefty. The vacations were totally free as in one does not have to do anything untill the results arrive. I used to jog , swim and gym like crazy followed by roaming aimlessly at nights.

But even good things get boring after a while. I was tired of the routine and so decided to take a break and go to mumbai at my cousin's place. My cousin stays in Colaba. The area is quite youngster-centered-oomph-factored if you get what i mean.

My cousin is 3 years elder to me and so he was in 3rd year of his engineering. Being a typical mumbaikar + typical classy tapori and all harley davidson attitude , he had quite a lot of girls
around him. I used to mingle with them upto my best but the age difference of 3 years + i was still a teenager , did not allow
me to get into their dark conversations. Similar was the case with priya. She was girl who use to spend time with us and a fresh Junior college passout , equivalent to a 12th standard passout in gujarat.

Having done with the junior college , she looked quite desperate on the basis of her talks and a bit of dressing.

All crazy for bikes , all ummmhhhh for john abraham and all craving attitude for road trips and yes "Muje life 
me sab kuch ek baar try toh karna hi hai. SAB KUCH". 
The tone with which she used to say "SAB KUCH" , builds a san diego live gangbanging in 3D in your mind !

She was left high and dry due to such wannabe attitude by most of the people , even her didi (Didi was her father's
friend's daughter). She had come to mumbai from Pune for some coursework but i had vibes of some other kind from her.

We all (Me,my cousin , didi , priya , my cousin's friend and his girlfriend) used to hangout with 1 or 2 always  missing the hangouts. All of them were smokers and so i used to get bored sometimes because i had nothing to do. Slowly the smoking session seemed beneficial to me , because in that time I and priya used to chat about all  wierdo things possible.

It was around 10 days and we were quite close.All those 24 hour togetherness through SMS , phone , regular meets and all.Everyone around us knew the two bachas were mingling and they even used to tease us. I used to like those meeting sessions near BT because it was quite a greenish area with all college groups sitting and smoking but you can't see any of the faces as trees used to make it quite dark. Upar se , priya used to be a slutish while talking to me in that time.

Once me and my cousin were drinking late night when he suddenly asked me about priya. I explained the thingy but tried to move the point away.He kind of got all brother-love and told me that
the lady was really interested in getting laid and he can set up a scene for us. I kind of opposed but internally i also had that popeye feeling pumping down there.

As advised by him , I started flirting on phone and meet-ups as much as i could. I remember , she once even gave me a push on my tool on me cracking a joke. We both let it go as if nothing happened
but we both ultimately knew the intentions.

A bit of phone sex started to happen triggered by her but fired by me.Phone sex followed touch-ups at BT , the place where we all met to which none of the other people had problems.
Their support was acting quite positively for me. Once i even took her for a small ride on which there was MINUS 5 cm space between my back and her front.Such close gives a hard on man , a real one !

Next 3-4 days and we used to like bunch up hands secretly near BT and light kisses when all attentions were somewhere else.

Finally the D-day arrived.It was all planned up.\

Me and my cousin had to go to didi's house as she had her parents going to lonawala for the weekend. My cousin's friend and his girlfriend also were invited. My cousin explained me the whole thing that all would be drinking and getting high.
The couple would leave after an hour of partying after which there would be only 4 of us left. My cousin and didi would leave for a walk and would come back after an hour in which i had to ride the dragon ;)

I came to know that didi had explained her properly too and she was also quite aware of the plan. On previous night(friday night) she was excited as hell as she kept on asking me what do you want me to wear in the party and my favourite colour and I want you shaved and stuff.

And it was saturday night.

We reached at her flat around 9.30pm with a bottle of scotch. The couple arrived around 10.15pm and we all six were on the round wooden table by 10.30pm.Priya had a tight orange coloured jeans which made her lower look hot as hell. The upper was a tight black inner with loose strings and a transparent top on it.The inner was easily visible to due the lacyness of the upper tranparent top. I had told her not to have make-up because its a really turn down 
for me!

She was quite catchy and bubbly that night which made me roar internally like Modi on the day of becoming PM
(Okay that was bad but you can understand ne). I was casually dressed with dark biege cotton pants and a nice eagle tshirt which is easily removable ;).

Drinks started to pour in.Everyone had a shot of whisky initially after which dilution and smoke accompanied.
I had only a shot and 60 ml peg because excessive drinking would spoil me fun later on. Priya just had a shot but she was already tipsy.Had some tikkas and Kebabs and played bridge amongst us.

It was 11.30 and the couple left.Now we were only four.I and priya were already on the couch watching TV. She laid straight with her head in my lap and small airky quirky kisses already had begun.

12 it was and my cousin and didi decided to give us some space.
They went off and locked the flat from outside but i made it double sure by locking it inside.

Just as I was locking the door from inside , desperation knew no bounds. Priya came in from back and started kissing me near the door itself.

It started with she kissing on my neck to which i responded back on her neck.Her hand started moving all over my hair and pressing my head on her neck with good force. I slowly moved from neck to the jawline area nearer to the ear with my upper lip above the jawline and lower lip below the jawline , sucking the thing like anything. Again to neck and then i revolved in that area.
It was her turn now and she came to cheeks and chin.I was perfectly shaved and so was feeing her toungue all over 
my cheeks that already had given me a hard-on.

We both knew that now is the time and the moment went perfect.
I slightly bend my face right and planted a smooth kiss on her lips.
2 seconds and my upper , her upper , my lower and her lower lips were completely in sync.

Went on mad till i guess 2.5-3 minutes and then i got her tongue in my mouth. That was orgasmic dude that was orgasmic. My tiger was roaring like the king of Gir trapped in a circus to get out.

I stopped for a moment and pointed towards the bedroom.
She smiled but again started smooching madly.Eventually i picked her in my arms and went to bedroom while the smooch was in continuous motion.

Laid her on bed and the room was already chilled due to pre-cooling.Got onto her and started kissing her on her neck
but on the lower side. My right hand already pulled her tranparent thing out and she was only in that black inner with oozing cleavge.
I started kissing on the bulge coming out of the slip.she was quite excited and pulled off my tshirt.

I moved to the side and she immediately came up on me.Started with a french kiss and she moved to my side-neck area.
She had placed herself perfectly in between the bulge in my pants.
While she was kissing i dimmed the lights and slowly pulled her slip up.she responded to it by moving up and comfotable removing it.I immediately unclipped the cups too orelse it would have taken other 15 minutes.

Her tits were really good and soft with pink nipples and perfect shape.The session which we had near the door had made her a bit sweaty and the AC made the sweaty skin , cold. The titskin was cool , bit sweaty and suckable as hell.I could not control myself and so pulled her down with force and started in crackline betweens the boobs. Slowly went on towards the right nipple and started the process.

Sucked it like a baby for 20 seconds, all soft and spongy after which i sucked a whole lot of part into my mouth.
Woobled my toungue in a circular manner around the nipple while sometimes biting the nipple slowly.

She was already on cloud 9.At times , she used to loose control and pinch my hairs really hard.I then sucked nipples bluntly so that she understands that this was her punishment. After vigourously batting with balls , i again moved to lips while we lay side ways !

I was on the left and she was on the right on the bed with respect to your imagination.

So my right hand was in the direction of action and it moved towards her orange cloth. She was wearing a beautiful belt and it was quite good because the leather was so easy to un-buckle it.
Pulled her belt out and threw it somewhere.Unbuttoned , unzipped her and tunnelled my hand inside.

Started heavy massage over her underpants but it was a bit sticky because she was wet like niagra falls !Slipped my hand inside her panties now.During this whole process , upper body was still busy in smooches and kisses.She was shaved , completely shaved.I guess she wanted it perfect so she was shaved quite good.

Before fingering , i massaged the heavenly area again the way i did it from the top of her undies.

In the process , she bit me on my lips which hurt me due to which i pulled out my hand from down and buckled her hairs
and gave her a tight love bite on back of her earlobe.The atmosphere was heated up like mentos in coca cola ! Bursting !

Again started my ride in heaven , and started a vertical movement of first finger. My first finger moved slow and vertical in the area which is just above the lovehole.I used to slide the finger from
top till the lovehole but didn't enter it.

This teased her like anything.Slowly started the combination of
massage and vertical sliding with both soft and violent combinations. The math can be :
2 sec - soft sliding
3 sec - violent massage
3 sec - rigorous 4 finger movements
2 sec - soft massage
3 sec - violent sliding

She started flowing like floods in utrakhand due to which my right hand was very slippery.

I slowly inserted the middle finger.On the first point , she gathered her legs pointing to the pain and her face  showed the same due to the formation of lines on her forehead with eyebrows towards each other.

I stopped there and made some vibratory movements at that very place for her comfort. Again pushed it a bit inside but she told me to go slow as it was causing her a bit more pain.
The tightness signalled her first time experience for sure.I stopped at that point and did not go further but started
a IN-OUT motion of my finger uptill the point which i had conquered.

Now it was a medium paced sliding motion from the top clitorial part to the point of conquer.
This foreplay took a lot of time but was worth the satisfaction.

She was so much excited and turned on that she caught my hand , pulled in on side and came a bit down from her 
current position. Unbuttoned my pants and unzipped with utmost power she had.My trouser being quite free , she pulled the whole thing down. I helped her to take them completely off.
She did not have the courage to take off my she mounted it in that position. I had already loosened her orange piece to a free position on her hips.

I slided the cloth to her knees through my legs .Got up for a moment just to rip is off through her legs.

She was in a beautiful cotton pink underpants.The shape covered most of her love and hip area but in a arousing manner.
She lay straight with her eyes closed and i came onto her.
She spread her legs to adjust the burj khalifa in between.
I took both of her hands and handled them with all my fingers into the spaces between her fingers one by one.
Those mallu porn kind of hand to hand touches.
Started kissing again all over from lips to neck to cheeks and surrounding area while moving the lower part up and front.

She changed the side and came over me. I slowly massaged her back and went inside through back.Lowered the undies in a circumferential manner. She knew my intentions and so helped me slide it.I pulled them out through my legs somewhere in the room.
She inserted her hand inside me and caught the burning metal rod.After gripping it , she looked at me with a scared look as if she knew what it would take her to get that in.
Moved her hand back and forth for a while and slided onto my balls. That was a tinglish feeling and it was the hardest i went in life.She slided my undies to knees after which i 
pulled them off.

I turned the position and I was onto her with the rod laying on the upper area in between the clitoris.
I ploughed the field for sometime with slow tractor speed after which i moved down.
Bite her thighs for two times on right and moved to pink area.
Parted the clitoral part with my fingers to see pink shining strawberry field.
Started moving my tongue in the same manner in which i slided my finger before.
I used to push my tongue as hard as i could into the hole which made her moaning start.
after sliding for a while , i sucked the whole part which made her go crazy. Started a combination of fingering and licking the clitoris as fast as i could which made wild.
She pulled me up and out of excitement , herself went down.

Took my tip in hand and started her tongue movement over the tip.
I was on the seventh heaven and i applied some pressure on her head.She understood and went a bit deep.
I did not demand more because i did not wanted to spoil the scenario.The tightness caused me to grab her and lay her on bed.I spread the legs as wide as i could and put a pillow
under her hip for a proper support.

Since it was the first time for both of us , i did not want the latex to spoil the fun and she was okay with it too.
Took my muscle in my hand and positioned it near to labia.
Moved the tool over the whole area with my hand and it made her angry as bachchan. Lastly positioned the tip towards the lovehole and gave a push.

It was too much greasy and so the rod slipped to right in this attempt.This also happened for the second time ,  after which i holded her legs and gave a push.
30% went in and there she was oaaauummhhhh to which i put a hand on her mouth.
She was in pain , i knew but then i gave another good push to get totally inside.
I stayed in that positioned for 10 seconds and she was the towards normal but had small tears in her eyes.
I confirmed the comfort and started to apply strokes.

The ghisara was out of the world.We smooched and the lower part was pumping hard to which she also supportedby readily moving in sync with pushes.
I changed the style and made a SINE wave kind of pushes which enhances the pleasure because the danda goes from
tip to bottom in this style.She was moaning like a david guetta fan in a concert.
She gestured me to push as hard as i could to maximize the pleasure.

Just as i started to push upto my limits , i got a slap from my dad "Ab nai utha toh paani ki puri baalti daalonga".

And i smiled to my fullest !

Friday, May 31, 2013

(Real) The guy named Avinash at Dadar

There are incidents in life which cannot be erased from the memory even if you soak the brain in h2so4.

I am always inclined towards open options theory. I always try to keep not one , but two to three good back ups in every possible task. This line of thought made me appear for Ph-test.

Elitmus is a really good firm providing HR solutions to reputed clients in software space. Before you can use their service , it is necessary to score a good percentile in their PH-test.

It was on 17th April that i had to appear for Ph-Test in Mumbai.
My center was located inside a govt school near Kings Circle.

So i caught a train on 16th night from ahmedabad which according to my calculation would drop me at borivalli at 5.30am.
The calculation seemed almost perfect and I headed to my Masi's home in borivalli near Bhakti complex.

Freshned up , had a coffee and checked all documents and stationery items (I googled the word stationery because i get very confused in the two spellings) for the exam because it was a paper-pencil test.I left for Borivalli station again to catch a local to get to kings circle , as my masa told it would take around an hour to reach there.

I have the habit of confirming the same thing again and again , not because i doubt a particular answer , but same repeatitive answer gets fit into your memory well. So i asked a lot of people regarding where to change the train and whether to pick fast or slow and routes etc.

In this whole process of coming down to mumbai from ahmedabad , i did not have water anywhere in between , not even at home.

After i gripped a local from borivalli at 8.00am , it was all smooth. Being a sunday , there were very few passengers on train and the soft breeze left me cool and calm. I went so calm and out of my mind that I decided to get off the train and buy a bisleri from the saamnewala store and get back to the train because there was no rush.I was so out of mind that i left my backpack on the train itself.
I got off the train and headed to buy some water.He demanded 20 rupees to which i had only 100 rs note.

Bisleri guy       : Bhaiya chutte do
Me                   : Boss nai hai , thoda jaldi karona
Bisleri guy       : bas 2 minute
Me                   : Boss 50 kaat lo lekin jaldi karo.

And the train left !

The pick up speed of locals is like anything. I started running towards the door , but it went so fast that i could not get on.
The train went off and I was BLANK. My backpack had flew to vegas !

I was not able to think for few seconds as to what should i do , but then i boomfoot and caught a nearby person aged 35. Told him the whole scenario and he told me to catch next train. On the contrary , i was thinking to inform the station police to get that backpack from the next stop.I already wasted around 3-4 minutes in the process and I kept calm and decided to board the next train.

The difference between the two trains was around 10 minutes but the only way i could catch my train was at Dadar. 

After reaching Dadar , I saw the train besides mine but my luck was utterly butterly gutter that time. There was a huge spiky partition between the two platforms. For a moment I thought of jumping it but then it would risk my lund for life. I ran through the overbridge only to find that the train left. Remember , the pick up speed of the train !

It was such a moment that if i had that dragon mouth , i would have fired flames all over dadar out of frustration.

A lot of thoughts were going on in my mind at that time and it was already 9.00am.

I sat there on the railway Baakda and had pulpy orange. Then I headed to find the police arena at dadar. I had to cross the platforms to reach the police control room and so i again started walking , but slowly because I had lost hope. I reached the room and met a 40-42 aged policewala. I naratted the whole experience and in the mean time , my cell rang !

It was an unknown number and my inner concious was expecting it.
A guy in a huff voice started slow screaming as "Miteshji".

Did you know what i replied : Haa bhaiya aap kaha ho , me bas 2 min me aaya bag lene !

Luckily he was on platform where the original train was. I ran again through the overbridge to get there. He(Avinash) shouted on me like anything and handed me all the stuff. I was so much relieved that I holded his hand for like 20-30 seconds straight.

Avinash was the same guy who was sitting opposite to me in local , and I had once asked him the route to kings circle. See , the habit of confirming played its part. He immediately left because he lost a lot of time waiting for me.

Left for kings circle in a taxi from there , to hell with trains !




P.S - that backpack contained my results from 1 to 12th standard , my graduation marksheets , my robotics winner certificates ,
my other winning certificates , my sports certificates and my laptop.
I know , i know , I completely know what you are thinking ! Amen !

Friday, May 24, 2013

(Real) Summers in Gandhinagar

If you have a camera phone , and if you have a spacious memory card , you must keep all the photos clicked since the time you buy the phone. I prefer that thing. Because in free lazy time , when you grill through those photos from the beginning , you can actually 
visualize how your time passed in the last whole year or 2 , what the case may be.

I was just passing through some pics of my last summer in gandhinagar.This post is specifically meant to describe the daily rakhorofy we used carry out because i am very much into that mood right now. I hope you are able to get that mood. Love.

The good characters include : 

Mr. Karan Mahant - He is one the most spontaneous people i have ever met in my life.At one moment you would find him talking about his exchanges with chicago negros and at other moment he would be smoking and talking some parallel universe  shit.
Mr. Arjun Mahant - Its difficult to get a direction to get him hooked on that topic except football. Even football has a limited amount to his attention.Talks about ultra high society and has in-line thoughts too.
Mr Mitesh J Dave - Eats , sleeps and roams like a zombie.Makes wierd of the wierdest plans which can be executed only after 2am.All people considers him a sort of geek because of solution providing nature of him.Amen!

The day starts somewhere between 11.30am to 1.30pm.Lets take the base at 11.30am. Usually karan wakes up the earliest amongst us and we're asleep.He has his pre-brush smoke and we're asleep.
He gets ready and we're asleep.He kicks our tummy and we're still asleep and then when he thinks of hitting our tools to wake us up , we get an intuition that we should wake up.

However late anybody is , breakfast is breakfast. Breakfast at around 3-4pm after everyone is wide awake.The time between 4 to 6.30 varies in the activities of gym or basketball or counterstrike or snooker or PS3 or jogging or cooking or surfing or swimming.
We share some beers from 6.45 to 8pm proceeding for dinner. Eat a little of it , while making plans for midnight food preparations.

Now the good time starts.

We move out of the place for an hour towards gandhi mandir road or infocity. Spending an hour over some cool chocolate shake or lassi at trupti , its almost 11pm out there. Samir , akash and other people starts pouring in from each and every sector and car goes to 160kmhr over a free way with pump music blowing minds.People sync in the voice like anything on every beat.Sometimes i wish if such enthusiasm is shown on some good start-up , it would reach heights.

We head on to terrace which is a 3 layered terrace.Some or the other person has some alcohol with him because we fund a lot for it. Just like buying gold you know ! Drinks pour in from 12 to 1 am while some guys play FIFA while some are with their girls on facebook. Around 1.30am all of them except the one with girls , come up to terrace and friends shift to the middle terrace.
Some or the other guys shells out a thick spliff and everyone gets in buzzy mood after 2am.The guys with girlies come up too.
Random talks ranging from arab girls to stategy mother teresa used to help people , from india's mausi mentality to silicon
valley studs , from how do crocodiles have sex to lets record a song and youtube it!

Crazy ideas flows for an hour after which people move onto the topmost terrace while 1 or 2 are already dead. More buzz at more heights. One or the other start dancing accompanied by singing and last smokes of the day. Around 4am , there are only heroes left with somewhat energy who goes down to kitchen to have some delicacies saved during dinner. But toungue wants more than saved.We make the best of the bhurjis , best of the sandwiches and best of the milkshakes uptill 4.30-4.45am.
Grab them and get into a medium level energy mood clicking some random photos in which one guy slacks off  the other guys chaddi and vice versa.

We head on to the 16 degree chilled bedroom where its again FIFA while other guys edit the photos with round big bumps and upload them on facebook. Fun.

I know this is a common schedule of many amongst you but executing this on a garden facing bunglow with zero risk with friends all over the globe accompanying us, is altogether different experience.We have friends from various different places who mingle their own ideas and games when all are trippy.

The days ends around 5-5.30am. 
Now please don't shout why we wake up so late.

People reading this , feel free to join us sometime.
I guarantee you won't regret you time.
Much love.
Thank You.