Friday, May 24, 2013

(Real) Summers in Gandhinagar

If you have a camera phone , and if you have a spacious memory card , you must keep all the photos clicked since the time you buy the phone. I prefer that thing. Because in free lazy time , when you grill through those photos from the beginning , you can actually 
visualize how your time passed in the last whole year or 2 , what the case may be.

I was just passing through some pics of my last summer in gandhinagar.This post is specifically meant to describe the daily rakhorofy we used carry out because i am very much into that mood right now. I hope you are able to get that mood. Love.

The good characters include : 

Mr. Karan Mahant - He is one the most spontaneous people i have ever met in my life.At one moment you would find him talking about his exchanges with chicago negros and at other moment he would be smoking and talking some parallel universe  shit.
Mr. Arjun Mahant - Its difficult to get a direction to get him hooked on that topic except football. Even football has a limited amount to his attention.Talks about ultra high society and has in-line thoughts too.
Mr Mitesh J Dave - Eats , sleeps and roams like a zombie.Makes wierd of the wierdest plans which can be executed only after 2am.All people considers him a sort of geek because of solution providing nature of him.Amen!

The day starts somewhere between 11.30am to 1.30pm.Lets take the base at 11.30am. Usually karan wakes up the earliest amongst us and we're asleep.He has his pre-brush smoke and we're asleep.
He gets ready and we're asleep.He kicks our tummy and we're still asleep and then when he thinks of hitting our tools to wake us up , we get an intuition that we should wake up.

However late anybody is , breakfast is breakfast. Breakfast at around 3-4pm after everyone is wide awake.The time between 4 to 6.30 varies in the activities of gym or basketball or counterstrike or snooker or PS3 or jogging or cooking or surfing or swimming.
We share some beers from 6.45 to 8pm proceeding for dinner. Eat a little of it , while making plans for midnight food preparations.

Now the good time starts.

We move out of the place for an hour towards gandhi mandir road or infocity. Spending an hour over some cool chocolate shake or lassi at trupti , its almost 11pm out there. Samir , akash and other people starts pouring in from each and every sector and car goes to 160kmhr over a free way with pump music blowing minds.People sync in the voice like anything on every beat.Sometimes i wish if such enthusiasm is shown on some good start-up , it would reach heights.

We head on to terrace which is a 3 layered terrace.Some or the other person has some alcohol with him because we fund a lot for it. Just like buying gold you know ! Drinks pour in from 12 to 1 am while some guys play FIFA while some are with their girls on facebook. Around 1.30am all of them except the one with girls , come up to terrace and friends shift to the middle terrace.
Some or the other guys shells out a thick spliff and everyone gets in buzzy mood after 2am.The guys with girlies come up too.
Random talks ranging from arab girls to stategy mother teresa used to help people , from india's mausi mentality to silicon
valley studs , from how do crocodiles have sex to lets record a song and youtube it!

Crazy ideas flows for an hour after which people move onto the topmost terrace while 1 or 2 are already dead. More buzz at more heights. One or the other start dancing accompanied by singing and last smokes of the day. Around 4am , there are only heroes left with somewhat energy who goes down to kitchen to have some delicacies saved during dinner. But toungue wants more than saved.We make the best of the bhurjis , best of the sandwiches and best of the milkshakes uptill 4.30-4.45am.
Grab them and get into a medium level energy mood clicking some random photos in which one guy slacks off  the other guys chaddi and vice versa.

We head on to the 16 degree chilled bedroom where its again FIFA while other guys edit the photos with round big bumps and upload them on facebook. Fun.

I know this is a common schedule of many amongst you but executing this on a garden facing bunglow with zero risk with friends all over the globe accompanying us, is altogether different experience.We have friends from various different places who mingle their own ideas and games when all are trippy.

The days ends around 5-5.30am. 
Now please don't shout why we wake up so late.

People reading this , feel free to join us sometime.
I guarantee you won't regret you time.
Much love.
Thank You.  

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