Thursday, February 14, 2013

(Real) (Day 2) Skydiving in India

As mentioned in the earlier post , reported at 6.30am at the reception. Ankitaa was all dressed up , met another architect guy from hyderabad at the reception as we were waiting for other participants. Praveen had forgotten his medical certificate so he went back to his room and we were all ready by 7am.
Got into the car with a local camera guy who was the SRK of Sagar district. He was on a story telling spree about his various adventures !

Reached Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA) in half an hour.
Sunrise was beautiful with weather that oozes mild smoke upon breathing. Was loitering in the academy with the camera guy and clicked some pictures of the academy and the parking lot.

8.30am and Rajkumar Sir and G Mohan Rao were giving some classroom instructions to us. They seemed quite easy.We signed all the necessary forms telling us that your death is in your hands and we are not responsible for it.
I had requested them to keep my turn the 1st one because i had to leave at 3pm that day itself. Had a warm session with Mohan rao with all instructions repeated again.

The Jump :

Okay i posted this experience as a status on facebook and here it goes:
"It was one late late night when speed & distance was being discussed and then the topic changed to speed-thrills.
And hence the plan.
Sky-diving from a height of 10,000 ft.
The idea was initially , a get high and dive , but then i thought that it would supress the actual feeling.
Saturday morning , 10 am and I was all equipped with safety materials and a lot of instructions.
It took 40 minutes to reach Sky-high.
Uber cool views from cessna 172 which did not have any door !
6000-7000ft , temperature was around 2-3 degrees and sun-rays sparkled the clouds like anything.
Ghuuzzzzbummmmzzzzz !
Being on such a height felt amazing but looking down on earth , my conscience was like "Aaa diving naa chakarro
ma kyak haav upar naa pochi jau !"
It was crisp 10.40am and G Mohan Rao was already hanging from the right wing-cliff and i was next.
Terrified due to the extreme wind and pressure conditions , i was not able to pull out my left leg of the plane.
200 miles/hour and the adrenaline started pumping like those Akshardham fuwaras.
I cannot describe the degree of beautifulalolinesssssss of the views because then it would be a fight as of 
beautiful infinity and inifinity-square etc.
Boss , 20 j second ma , i was at 6000 from 10,000.
Had a 360 degree parachute turn at around 4000 ft.
Bump into clouds and horizontal and vertical and 30 degrees and 70 degrees and bubbles in testicles and shape 
of the cheeks when mouth-open - Drop-dead Amazing.
Guys do save some money and do do do go for a tandem-jump coz i bet , it would be a lifetime experience orelse you
can bang in any position you want!
Prefer a sea-landing option as that would be a zero risk jump(I got my knees fleshed off while landing).
Got some really really kickass exit photos.
Infi happiness :)".

After the jump i met the other participants and they were like "Mitesh , we saw you , you were falling like some asteroid is hitting earth !". Isn't it an amazing thing to hear ! Did a little dressing on the bruised knees and had lunch. Left with a localite who dropped me to a nearby bus stand (they were looking at me like i was an alien). Boarded the train from Sagar and met really good people in there.

Time just went by with a aged couple from porbandar and that KATHIYAWAD connections ! One thing i am sure that i can atleast find a common connection between me and you , if you are from gujarat and you are upto something !
We had a couple with their son from UP. The guy worked in Kutch area (my memory seems to be that of EPROM) and had some really good political points regarding Sir Narendra Modi. And when its Gujarat , its definitly Modi in there.

Reached Ahmedabad next morning and reached home in a ricksaw to which i later realized that i had forgotten my bike was already at the station.
Remember , i told you , my memory !

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