Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(Real) (Day-1) Skydiving in India

It was pre-diwali time and i had scheduled my CAT on 3rd of november. I had a 'you-won't-believe' schedule in oct-november which i would share some other time !

I just came back after my mock-CAT at around 1.30am.
I and tirth (my roommate{fantastic guy}) generally discuss my scores and analyse it amap.
It was then we were discussing speed and distance quant problems solving whom takes half an hour if you take "ethics" into consideration.
I then came to my bedroom and i was thinking speed and distance again.Suddenly , i literally mean suddenly , it was speed thrills in my mind. Thinking of a time , when you were happy in past , at such stressful moment always gives you mental freshness .

I remembered the time when Toyota fortuner reached almost 190 km/hr during a recent roadtrip. And as common what whatsapp is to phones these days , driver seat is to Mr Karna Mahant.

Okay so speed thrills.
Second thought , Mitesh you got to do Skydiving.

Searched , researched and there i was.
Booked a slot and booked train tickets to Dhana,MP.
Scheduled date was 25-26-27 Jan and it was a complete rest-off weekend.

24th Jan (Thursday Night) -
Left office around 6 pm that day and went to my place for packing and stuff. I had already placed a List-of-things to be carried on the main table which i always look first , when i reach home daily.
Packed those things , took some other things and was on facebook !
Time went by and i didn't knew !
It was already 7.30pm and you should definitey hear to some gujju about Ahmedabad's eve traffic !
Took my bike and rushed to railway station.
I was hell hungry and i prioritize food over anything.
Parceled some Tikkas from Moti-mahal and parked the bike.
Scanned the board for platform and rushed in like anything (it was just 5-7 minutes to depart).

Got the train but then i thought that i bloody don't know the seat number because the ticket was in waiting mode. Called tirth for seat number and confirmation stuff. He is super-quick in these type of replys. Just reached the train seat and the train departed.Such close moment mann and i was laughing internally like BLISS.

Reached Bina on 25th around 3 pm.Had a very good egg-curry at very bad place near a bus-stand. Boarded a bus to Sagar (70 kms from Bina). I had googled the distance and it usually takes 90 minutes in gujarat to cover 70 kms.
But it took ~4 hours to reach Sagar .Hell MP roads and transport system !

Boarded a local Ricksaw called a chakda in Gujarat to RajaKhedi (10 kms from Sagar).
There i was at Hotel Paradise.
The diving people had booked a room between two participants and my roommate had taken the keys with him and left.
Similar was the case with Desetty Praveen.
A nice-hearted south indian guy to chat with.True in all his words.We both befriended sharing our rona-dhona.
He accompanied me for a shave to a nearby salon and then we went for dinner together.

Came back to paradise and met Anubhav Kohli (roommate).
A middle aged guy with heavy beard and those North Indian cheeks.I had assumed he was somewhere from top north and 
he actually was.
From kashmir , handling a Hotel business.He was smoking and having his cholle-bhature asking me if i had any problem 
with smoke to which i did not have any. He was discussing the current day's training session and risks as they were diving solo.

Had a Intro and chat session with Praveen's roommate too.I assumed he was maharastrian and he was.A software engineer
belonging to pune.

Had some vodka with another participant in room 406 and was discussing the thrills. There was some fear and sparks and thrills in everybody's body language and language too !

The atmosphere was exciting. slept at 12.30am to report at 6.30am for the Jump.

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