Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Balika vadhu and Soaps

This is a post to demonstrate 'LIVE' the effects of daily soaps like BALIKA VADHU.

After my office hours,i go for dinner at Dilipbhai's tiffin service(actually his home).He and his wife serves really good home-made food and that too at decent rate.

His house is a two storey building in which dilipbhai's parents stay on the first floor and dilipbhai himself stays on 2nd floor.

Sometimes i dine as early as 6.30pm but since people here are still orthodox,i have to dine on the first floor at dilipbhai's parentswala floor.

They daily follow a soap called BALIKA VADHU on COLORS Channel.
The word for that soap is BULLSHIT.

I have literally observed that dilipbhai's mother watches soap very intensely and she applies the reel situation in her own house on her daughter-in-law.

Both dilipbhai's parents have became sick as far as human nature is concerned and this is due to these bloody saas-bahu soaps.

If we apply simple calculations,that society contains such 50 homes and there are such 50 societies in satellite area(this is the minimum count).Suppose there are 10 such areas in ahmedabad then the total people involved in such atmosphere is 50*50*10 * 4(parents and son-wife) =1 lakh.

Even if literacy rate is 50%,then also 50,000 people get SICK due to these soaps.Mind well i am not considering the children here because ultimately they also get affected because their mother stays under depression due to such in-laws thinking.

Moral of the story : Please stop watching the daily soaps and make people stop watching it.Even a small change would change many lives :)


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