Thursday, March 7, 2013

(Real) "The girl I want"

(1) "Tane kevi chokri game ?" 
(2) "Tuje kaisi ladki pasand hai ?" & 
(3) "What kind of a girl do you want ?" 
are really difficult questions .

The nature of the question is such that you cannot answer it on the spot. Even if you answer , it consists of only 10% what you wanted to say.

I wanted to write this from a long time as it could serve a little help to many modern-day couples and their problems. People go through crushes , relationships , successfull relationships , breakups and arranged marriage (love marriage is already covered by successfull  relationships !).

The point is , in each of the above mentioned phase of life , the most important thing is to blend with your partner.

If you look up to life uptill now , you would notice a simple fact that anything which is not working the way you want to , has to be dealt with more concentration and hard work. So why not apply this formula towards real-time problems too !

What this post serves : 

Me and my friends many times discuss as to what kind of a girl , a boy likes . This differes from place-to-place , heart , bring-up , mind-set , family background etc. But i feel that this post would generalize the needs of a middle , upper-middle , somewhat gujju , ambivert kind of guy and his expectations for the girl. Please note that this is a amalgamation of many feelings and expectations and so please do not consider it as my personal wants.

How this post would be helpful :

This cannot patch up your severely breaking relationship but on a positive note , i can say that if you ask your girl to read this (or some specific points in post) at any point of time , it would work as a strengthening aspect for your chakkar.

The girl I want :

(1)Since its the first point , lets make all general points clear . She should be nice hearted , nice natured , not too much skinny , shapy/pathho {pathho is a gujarati cute word somewhat obese girl}would do provided  she has the knowhow to carry herself well , preferably long hair (naturally straightened) , simple yet stylish and a pinch of colour in everything. Okay so definition of nice hearted and nice natured is hidden in   following points which you need to figure out.

(2)The one i personally like on a physical note is a girl with a uniform complexion (fair/wheaty doesn't matter) from her head to toe and who carries a bindi on her forehead matching/contrasting with her moderately body-fit kurti. (Yes i admit this went a little bit into clothing).

(3)That kathak typa girl with nice saari around her waist and amazing expressions is preferred by many of the boys. A typical example of this description is Pi's girlfriend in the movie "Life of Pi" , when Pi was in his teenage. Remember ? She was lovely.

(4)Girls , we love it when you gallop at gol gappas & paster at the pasteries , but as far as we know that you are having the knowledge of a perfect diet and  correct information regarding keeping your body healthy   and those cheeks , pink , its surely not a problem for us! Lets gallop together !

(5)Even though you know how tough we behave , how masculine our attitudes are and however rude we be at your feminine tips , do keep on telling those health , dressing , style tips to us. They would come handy    at some point of life and at that time we would call you and say how awesome you are !

(6)Its always friendship first and love later on. So girls please please please develop a habit of talking to your guy with a hand on his shoulder  whenever you are walking (just like when two guys walk that way) ! It would create wonders for you .

(7)Lets come to a very heavy yet usual point :
   (7.1)A guy would not prefer that her girl smokes & drinks.Try to be so if possible.I repeat if possible.
  (7.2)Drinks , parties are a way of life in this century.We cannot stop you or restrict you because we ourselves enjoy doing it. But try to be a teetotaler , your guy would love it i guarantee.
  (7.3)It would be fine if you want to have these things but do it only when you are around your husband/boyfriend. He would allow you to do it if thats between you and him only !
   (7.4)If you drink/smoke more than your husband/boyfriend , do not think negative of you.Party hard at times and get equally wasted at a night out.That is also a bonding activity but just take care of your health and the after-effects which usually are negative in most cases ! Mind well , you can equally get wasted in (7.3) too !
   (7.5)Puke together ! Fun !
   (7.6)A mannered party session with knowing-your-limits attitude is preferred by most boys.I hope this points gets a clear view.

(8)Even if you are in a board meeting , with parents , with brother , with narendra modi or barack O'clinton , please don't press that red button on your phone whenever your better half is calling you. Cut the call == rude. Answer it most of the time and if not possible , do some quick setting on your phone. I bet the sentence "I haven't seen a girl in my life who has not even neglected my single call in the whole year" would be like a blessing whenever you guys are in your bedroom on a lazy night.

(9)We know you dress up for looking pretty in your ownself but understand the event and dress up.A push up / low neck / slain / belly driven clothes at events like theatre / get together / concert / crowded place would embarass us and you too ! A smart move like wearing a white top with a black leather jacket would boost up that event like anything.

(10)Intelligent . Period !

(11)Girl , if you part yourself from the local herd and their likings , even your off-beat tastes can create a fan typa boyfriend.

(12)Love kids , hate them at times , love animals , dont hate them at times , love food and hate some varieties which we like. A little bit of contrast is good

(13)Have a great taste as far as food is concerned.We all know modern girls dont cook and even if they cook , they dont cook like 90s. So learn to cook and use those tasty tips & likes of you partner to guide your home-chef accordingly.Its almost equivalent to cooking !

(14)Leave the "Acha ladka tha" college attitude.It would sound cool amongst your group but a rather opposite attitude can earn respect .

(15)Creativity in all whether college , office , restaurant , chats , travelling , anything makes him like you more.

(16)If you are too much frustrated with him , discussion is not a way I know , so scream , yell , shout and hit him hard.Its a lot better activity than ploting reactions. Plotting/revenge feelings are relationship killers.

(17)Sharpen your aadmi-pehchaning skills. A guy would love it when you had passed on some predictions and it hits the correct point in future !

(18)Dance like crazy (so you can make him dance) orelse dont do it (so he'll make you dance). Know those mood swings in him since you are with him froma long time

(19)Another heavy but a usual one
   (19.1)I see a piece of code affecting lives of many these days ! The evil is a web termite called facebook.Value the risks and socialize !
    (19.2)Uploading,tagging,commenting,liking,friending,blocking,restricting affects both the lives in internet age.Be ultra sensible.
     (19.3)I do not see much in this point , because we all know the nuances of profile on facebook. We need you to be a pro at FBing !
     (19.4)Provide some tips to your guy which even he doesnt know about facebook.Hell you just beated you software professional boyfriend !

(20)Wildness at home , wildness on a no-man road , wildness on holidays , complete wildness in bedroom is so preferred. The dual personality is always appreciable . A lap dance in a while would make him crazy. Spice up his life !

(21)Stay away from those types of hyped people , hyped friends and dont get into a fame & likes based vicious circle ! It would be tough but fruitful.

(22)Always drive the car and always do that. It can be a ek-teer-do-nishaan. He would appreciate you for your good driving skills unlike other ladies plus the care she takes for your comfort. Do drive when his friends/family is on. That creates an altogether positive set.

(23)Surprise him (take care of the mood swings in this case)

(24)Spend a hell lot of his money but be smart to pass sugar statement at the end so that he gives you his credit card for any transaction you want! I hope you understand what i am trying to say here !

(25)Get the top notch information about the industry , your husband/bf is working in and discuss it with him over dinner.

(26)Play those brainy and addictive games in your common I-pad and show your highscore to him daily during bedtime ! You are awesome , if you make him an addict too !

(27)Know the trends of the industry , your husband/bf is working in and be mentally prepared to switch/jump to any place around the world if necessary. This is a really important point to be taken into consideration.This is a really really important point if you are still in the intial years of your relationship and you are about to get married.

(28)A daily/weekly/every fort-night change of hairstyle infront of your husband/bf is always preferred.

(29)Get into his office for recruitment event. Do some arrangements with HR to let you in a interview where he is a panel member. This would be fun event

(30)Jolly all the time

(31)Please do not have lots of make-up & cosmetics.Guys hate it when you put-on even some.

(32)Show smartness & concerns wherever applicable . For eg : Whenever there is a option to buy vegetables/fruits from a shop and a laari , do it from laari explaining the benefits to the laariwala and humanity to which your boyfriend would give you a beautiful smile.

(33)Guys still love nerdy yet beautiful girls.

(34)Pass on a shayari once in a while to your better half !

(35)Save some or earn good to gift him some holidays.It should not always be the other way round.

(36)Wear those large earings sometimes.

(37)Go spend on those cleansing & exfoliating sessions. Boys love THAT after glow.

(38)We always adore you in indian outfits however sexy you look in western clothes

(39)A NO after 10 YES is acceptable.We'll plan our demands and wishes accordingly.

(40)Mature . Period !

(41)Don't hide anything from your partner.However terrible it is/was , discuss !

(42)Know the different mood lifters very well

(43)A random sardar joke during dinner.Small habits like this makes a long term cheerful image in you boyfriend's heart.

(44)Be a movie and song and youtube enthusiast.It would be a pleasure to get updates from our partner herself .

(45)Give his hard earned money to all possible beggars even if he shouts.Shout is momentary but. . . you know the thing.

(46)Be greedy at points which involve your husband/boyfriend's safety but is profitable/entertaining.

(47)If you share a common hobby/sport , develop/play it together.There can be nothing like this.

(48)Use all different nuances/dialects/styles of speech while fun talk with your spouse.

(49)Find ways to spice the relations in one way or the other. This is a important thing on a whole


So redirect your crush/girlfriend/wife to this link so that it can help/boost your thingy.

P.S - Let me know your wants if they are different from above , so that the list goes wild.   

You can even post as comments.

Happy loving :)


  1. good post buddy you wrote what we want!!! i am sending you an email stating what my girl wanted from me. it ain't general but if same things are done for the girl it can create magic in our life.

  2. Thanks Hardik.
    Your post is good too !