Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trust and Attitude

There’s the story about a top salesman in the aircraft industry who messed up.
He lost a $5,000,000 contract.

At his desk the next morning he starts going through his papers – tidying them up, clearing his desk.

 He gets a phone call from his manager,
“Have you got 5 minutes? ”

“Sure” he mumbles and slowly makes his way up the stairs to his boss’ office.

As he enters the room he says “Look I know I got it wrong – I’m sorry – I’ve written my letter of resignation – here it is ” and puts it on the desk.

His manager looks at the letter, rips it in half, rips it in half again and puts it in the bin.

“You must be joking” she says smiling

” We’ve just spent $5,000,000 on your training – there’s no way you’re leaving until you’ve made that back for us.”

Moral of the Story :  try to be this MANAGER in your life !

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