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(Real) IMT - Ghaziabad Interview Experience

IMT (Institute of Management Technology) Ghaziabad is one of the good institutes in India for an MBA.
For details , check out the B-School rankings by Business standard and Outlook to get an overview about the college.

Interview Details :

Venue    : XIMR , Marinelines , Mumbai
Time      : 8.30 am

Process : Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview
Date      : 13th Feb 2014

Reached the venue at 8.00 am and had a sandwich at the Xavier's canteen.Worth a try !
Entered the document verification room where I waited for 45 minutes for my turn. A tit-bit Hi and Hellos with all the aspirants there. I was into the Panel 4 and participant 1 .

After verification of documents , the instructor lead us to a classroom on the top floor.The panelists assigned us to the respective seats. I was number 1 and the seating arrangement was in a "U" shape , so i had a bit of disadvantage of having a corner seat.

GD process : 

Problem Statement : New delhi : Proximity to Tokyo or Beijing 
Thinking time         : 5 minutes
Discussion              : 10 minutes
Participants            : 17 members
Summarize GD      : 5 minutes

I was able to make only 2 good entries because there was a lot of chaos in the GD. Everyone was shouting like hell and there was a girl who was at the center position who polluted the whole decorum. Constantly opposing all the views said by anyone and raising voice uptill limits. For my 2 entries I also shouted like anything , literally nanga shouting if you can get it.

IMO , the whole group would loose marks as it was not a fruitful discussion.

We concluded with a few normal suggestions majorly on the side of China and friendship.

Interview Round :

Panel consisted of 
(P1) - 48-50 aged Professor from IMT itself having specs and a friendly attitude
(P2) - 42-45 ahed Professor from IMT with a huge body , more on serious yet jolly attitude.
(M) - Me

They rang the bell and I was participant no 1.

M : Sir please may I come in ?
P1 : Yes Mitesh please come , have a seat.
P1 : ( Constantly smiling ). I too smiled . So mitesh how many members do you have in your family ?
M : Described about the family and the background in Junagadh.
P1 : What does your father do ?
M : Described about the whole footwear business in detail.
P1 : So why don't you join your father's business and develop it . It would always be more profit-making?
M : Sir , I do not interest in my business as of now. I am not neglecting the opportunity but as of now , I want to have some industry experience and 10-15 years down the line think about other options of the circumstances in that time are feasible.

A bit of silence for 4-5 seconds.

P1 : As I can see in your form , you have mentioned ASIC over here. What do you mean by ASIC ?
M : Described about ASICs and VIPs I worked on. 
P1 : Can you explain it in more detail ?
M : Described the whole strcture of the firm , the hierarchy , the work allotted to me and the modules i worked on. The whole model and stuff .

P2 : So Mitesh , on that note what would you prefer to be questioned on ? Elec or Comm ?
M : Sir , I have always been inclined to electronics and my work was also in VLSI so I would prefer it .
P2 : Paused for a moment. Mitesh , just out of curiosity , how many components does basic 8085 consists of ?
M : Sir , I do not remember the exact ,
P2 : No , no , just out of curiosity , just answer what can it be , take a wild guess .
M : In millions.   (fucked up here ,  beacuse the base model consisted of only 6k gates while it grew into milllions after a while in the next gen processors)
P2 : Okay.
M : In between , the gate related discussion , I described Moore's law regarding the number of transistors in future.
P2 : What is Moore's law ? In detail ?
M : Gave a defination , but Sir i am not sure whether this is 100 % correct as i guess i am missing some element in the defination.
P2 : Revolved me in and around the processor and Moore's law thing for 3-4 minutes.
M : I said a straight NO to some of the questions which I didn't knew about , he was OKAY with it.
P2 : You have good prospects in US. Why dont you go to US and earn some quick money ?
M : Described the whole thing I was asked in my Symbiosis Interview. Seemed satisfied.

P2 : (Suddenly) , How much a Tie cost  ?  Is it Expensive these days ?
M : It depends on the brands and the quality you want .
P2 : No but tell me a amount for a buy.
M : The basic Tie starts from 400 /- I guess but I do not have much information in detail.
P2 : Can't you spend 400 odd rupees on wearing a professional Tie instead of a Party Tie which you are currently wearing ?

(It was almost a professional Tie but it had 2 dots in the middle , which he noticed)

I felt a bit awkward at that moment.
M : Smiled. Sir I admit it is my fault and I am sorry for the mistake.
P2 : Smiled (He was grilling me uptill now).
P2 : So why MBA ?
M : Told the basic reasons and explained the reasons ?
P2 : Is your father an MBA ?
M : No , Sir.
P2 : So then it means your father doesn't know how to run a business right ?
M : Sir I never mentioned that , for entrepreneurship , you need an MBA ? I am basically focusing on the industrial aspects which require an MBA for good exposure. seemed satisfied. In between , I mentioned about the opportunities in Junagadh too.

P1 : So why dont you want to go back to Junagadh ? Don;t you like your hometown ?
M : Framed the answer properly and described the standard of living in Junagadh , in Ahmedabad , in Mumbai and in California from an angle to Internet access and speed. Discussed opportunities in Tier 2 more than tier 1 and told about start-ups in ahmedabad (Dexter consulting , Just mexican franchise , Cityshor) etc. Went on for 3-4 minutes
Both of them nodded positively.

P1 : Okay , mitesh one last question ?
P1 : Do you think being participant no 1 puts you in a disadvantage ?
M : Absolutely No Sir .
P1 : The students outside will know about the questions asked to you and they can prepare well marring your chances ?
M : That can go the other way round too , they may get stressed and loose out confidence. But I do not guess that would make much difference to well prepared candidates. 
P1 : Okay mitesh but our main aim here is to check students at par . So please dont discuss questions and answers with them. 
M : as you say Sir , not an issue.

P1 , P2 : Thanks Mitesh .

While returning a lot of candidates were waiting outside , I pretended to be on the phone and told them i'll be back in 5 minutes and let you know the process , which never occured !

Had a talk with one of my  friends after the interview as she gives me a good judjement on how it went .
Had a round near Marinelines and Leopold area , I love downtown mumbai cobblestone area like anything ! 

Overall an average interview because of some mistakes in the 8085 and Moore's things. Tie was a disaster.
NMIMS tomorrow . Valentine day tomorrow . Gearing up for it . Hope all goes well.

Verdict : In march.


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